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About me


White January was born back in Autumn 2019 as an outlet for an art and crafty soul, Ionwen Charlesworth.  It is still very much in the baby stage but just in a short space of time things have just organically happened and grown with workshops and weekly classes around the Cheshire area and attending many independent Makers Markets and Fairs.  More dreams and plans are in the pipeline for 2020 as like anything, things evolve, but the focus will undoubtedly remain around Fibre / Abstract Art with the addition of new creative adventures along the way.

Selection of Fibre / Abstract Art

You can keep up to date with White January here on the Blog and also on these Social Media channels:  Facebook  |  Instagram


The name "White January" actually is the English meaning of my Welsh name Ionwen (pronounced Yon-win, just incases).  I was born on a wonderfully white and crisp January morning.


Having said all that I was actually born and raised in rural farming Cheshire.  Self taught artist / maker, who spent many years bumbling along in many and various occupational fields.  Jack of all trades, master of none I hear you cry but that is far from the truth.  I have a passion for learning and also put the best of me in everything I do.  Now is the time to focus on my dream and enjoy the rollercoaster journey.